High King Decidian

The Fourteenth King of the High Kingdom of Marduin. He was considered the greatest king in known history.


Decidian was the Fourteenth High King of Marduin. His vast empire once ruled from the Mountains of the World Spine to the lowlands of Hira’lah and everywhere in between. His Empire once held 75% of the worlds population.

Decidian was born in 652, the eldest son of Baldwin the Slow, and his Consort Matilda of Stormreach. In the year 661, after the assassination of his father by his mother Matilda, his mother ascended as Chief Regent for her young son. But, when the age came for Decidian took to the age of ruling, in the year 668, his mother would not surrender the throne she had learned to love.

Decidian took power in the world when his mother’s death of disease in 671 unleashed control to her only son and true heir-, Decidian.

Decidian’s first moves as king were simply to establish justice into his empire. By splitting provinces into Satraps, he created an efficient form of Government, that ran to efficiently the empire knew a great period of Prosperity, until his death in 707.

High King Decidian

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